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Our company is a family business created in 1970 Starting in Cultivating and Processing then Start Export From 2011 .

Green Company are leading Egyptian processors of Herbs, Seeds and Spices dedicated to the supply of high quality products. Since 1970 in this Filed we have been involved in the cultivation of herbs and seeds and nowadays we consider strategic to control the entire life of our products from the field to the consumers, We Follow the latest Processing Techniques to be Compliant with European &international Market condition Green Company has a production facility in excess of 1400 square meters equipped with the most modern Processing machinery. Our Quality Control System ensures products to comply with customers’ specification. Our Products in two forms :conventional and chemical free (free From pesticide Residues)

Meet the offer

We have a rich offer for every Company

Conventional Medicine and aromatic Plant

ISO 2200 Certificated

Organic Medicine and aromatic plants

Organic EC Certified

Whole and Ground Spices

Spices and Seeds /p>

Everything started long ago...

We value the tradition of growing Medicine and aromatic plants

we have been organizing and controlling the cultivation of organic products and conventional products without the use of pesticides. Our farms are currently cultivating more than 300 hectares to ensure continuity of supply and consistency of quality.Our main Products is Chamomile and Calendula Marigold ,Basil and Fennel We are introducing cultivation of new herbs in Egypt such as oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme to offer a full range of products to our customers. we are Following Program For Cultivating in Farms and Program of Processing ,and We can Do Stem Sterilization For Our Products

Our Main Products Chamomile !

King of Herbs in Egypt

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